About This Game

A Physically Based Online Sword Fighting VR Game.

Hold your sword firmly in both hands to attack your opponent's headset.
Protect your headset from your opponent's weapon by blocking or dodging.

Game Features

Weapons free grip No fixed angle restrictions

The weapon swings freely, without delay, without limitation.

Fully simulates physics Sturdy blocking attacks

Use real swordsmanship techniques to break through defenses

Compete with other players online and enjoy the freedom of unrestricted confrontation

Game Rules

·Need to hold sword with both hands
·Only the opponent's headset can be attacked
·For the sake of fairness, the player's range of motion is limited to one body position
·Get your weapons ready and enter the dueling table to fight
·The faster you swing your weapon, the more damage you can do. The farther the opponent's weapon is knocked away.
·After the weapon is knocked away, there will be a short recoil, making it impossible for you to swing your sword accurately and continuously. You can, of course, use this recoil by practicing over and over again.
·The game is a 2-game, 7-point system. The first to score 7 points wins 1 game. Win 2 games and you will win.


As described above the game offers limited single player play If you are a solo player may not experience well.
Before buying, You need to go to the vr community to invite like-minded friends to play with you.

PS. With the development of science and technology, may allow physical injury. But currently based on only the headset has accurate positioning, so only allowed to attack the headset.